Patrik Lindell Photography

I have just come across Patrik Lindell’s photography website his personal projects shown here share a resemblance to my series of photographs from Cardiff Bay


Model City Typography by Soon


Belgian Creative Studio, Soon have created this very surreal model cityscape typography for the city council of Ghent. The detail that has gone into these models is fantastic!


Navid Baraty Photography

Some fantastic city photography from Navid Baraty. More of his work can be seen on his portfolio website.

Pei Ling – Macro Photography

I love the colours and focus in Pei Ling’s Small Small World macro photography series.

Guy Laramée – Carved Book Landscapes

Guy Laramée is a multi-talented artist with over 30 years practice across a vast variety of disciplines. Amongst his stunning portfolio are these sculptures taken from his Biblios and Great Wall series.  These incredible sculptures are carefully carved from stacks of old books to depict landscapes and structures. The rest of Laramée’s work can be seen on his online portfolio.

Caerphilly Castle

I have recently become inspired by a lot of lomography photos I have seen on the internet. I have purchased a simple plastic – lens camera but am yet to develop my first film. After researching into different cameras and their effects they have on photos they all seem rather pricey and so have tried to achieve the image these cameras create in Photoshop. Here is a selection of the best photos I took whilst visiting Caerphilly Castle in Wales.

Caephilly Castle

Caephilly Castle and Flower

Caephilly Castle

Spy Hole
© All images copyright Charlie Petty 2011

Lennette Newell Anti-Human

Visit Lennette Newell’s website for more photography

Absolut Vodka

It is rare to find a decent advert on tv but I really like this one for Absolut Vodka.

New Modern Typeface

A great font by Sawdust made exclusively for Hype for Type.
It’s available for download here.



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