New Modern Typeface

A great font by Sawdust made exclusively for Hype for Type.
It’s available for download here.


Steven Bonner Illustration

I’m really loving Steven Bonners illustrations, especially his illustrated typography.


LEGO+Letterpress is the work of Physical Fiction They use smooth Lego bricks fixed to a Lego base as pixels in their video-game-like designs and patterns. Paint is then applied with a roller, and the whole thing is pressed to paper, leaving their inked impression.

Lego Letterpress
Ogre Pixel Lego Letterpress Poster

Lego Letterpress
Physical Fictions LEGO Letterpress

Martin Sati Illustration

Some really nice digital illustration from Martin Sati a Spanish illustrator. His work is primarily vector based, his distinct style is hard to ignore.

Artwork applied to covers and guards design of El libro rojo de las Artes Escénicas. Project in collaboration with Grupo Duende and Beefeater24.

Artwork applied to covers and guards design of El libro rojo de las Artes Escénicas. Project in collaboration with Grupo Duende and Beefeater24


Illustration made for the exhibition "Bicenterio pop." Each illustrator had to select a painting, carving, sculpture or any iconographic representation of American independence’s heroes and do a " graphic update", a contemporary version. The chosen picture is a portrait of Francisco de Miranda, venezuelan general, regarded as the precursor of American emancipation from the Spanish Empire.

Google Theme

A custom theme for Google Chrome and Orkut, a Google social networking product very popular in India and Brazil.

The Best Newspaper Design Creative Competition

The Society for News Design have named i (short for informação) newspaper the worlds best in 2010. The Portuguese newspaper is a colorful, less-than-two-year-old, small-format tabloid paper. It’s innovative design walks the line between newspaper and magazine with perfect balance. The paper delivers traditional newspaper content with new, engaging presentation. It’s smaller than most tabloids and it is saddle-stitched, so it holds together like a magazine. Readers can easily fold pages back, navigate without difficulty and — perhaps — concentrate without the distractions encountered with larger, unbound formats.

i newspaper spread

The publication has a steady grid structure, type and color palette that create a strong platform for difference and surprise. The grid and space look effortless. But there is more complexity than it first appears.

i newspaper

Typography is classic, not trendy. From very large to very small, the principles of scale and contrast apply throughout their type palette. Sans serif feels serious; the serif is more playful. It’s a wonderful contrast.

i nespaper

The Society of News designs verdict of ‘i’ in the competion is as follows:

“What we recognized in this year’s winner was its fresh, unique approach. “i” can inspire visual journalists and publishers anywhere in the world to rethink their models and revise or create new ones that best serve their audiences. They may look nothing like i. It won’t — and shouldn’t — represent everyone’s treatment.

We encourage all designers to apply similar creativity and tenacity to finding their own voice and expressing it with conviction and excellence, no matter the size of the staff or access to other resources”.

i newspaper

Some nice Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design on



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