Pei Ling – Macro Photography

I love the colours and focus in Pei Ling’s Small Small World macro photography series.


Guy Laramée – Carved Book Landscapes

Guy Laramée is a multi-talented artist with over 30 years practice across a vast variety of disciplines. Amongst his stunning portfolio are these sculptures taken from his Biblios and Great Wall series.  These incredible sculptures are carefully carved from stacks of old books to depict landscapes and structures. The rest of Laramée’s work can be seen on his online portfolio.


LEGO+Letterpress is the work of Physical Fiction They use smooth Lego bricks fixed to a Lego base as pixels in their video-game-like designs and patterns. Paint is then applied with a roller, and the whole thing is pressed to paper, leaving their inked impression.

Lego Letterpress
Ogre Pixel Lego Letterpress Poster

Lego Letterpress
Physical Fictions LEGO Letterpress



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